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  • Greetings, and welcome to The SnowBird Company! Read and/or download the full document - click here

    Since 2002, we’ve been focusing on a single goal: bringing together Snowbirds and Property Owners in enjoyable destinations, season after season. And to achieve this goal, we’ve been guided by three rules:

    • We must make our solutions FAST 
    • We must make our solutions EASY
    • We must make our solutions EFFECTIVE

    So, have we been successful in following these rules, and achieving our mission? Sixty million hits a year across 18 of the most popular Snowbird destination websites on the Internet says we have. And we’re still growing!

    But don’t get the wrong idea... Read and/or download the full document - click here
  • Snowbirds Snapshot:
    Snowbirds tend to have a higher income and are better educated as a whole than the general population. Nearly 45% of Snowbirds are college graduates and over 15% have incomes greater than $100,000 annually. Snowbirds are not tied down to a 9 to 5, five-day-a-week job or career. There are an estimated 9 million Snowbirds in the US... Read and/or download the full document - click here

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